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Our team helps streamline, simplify, and optimize your omnichannel marketing and sales campaigns with state-of-the-art automation tools for every budget.

Marketing automation dashboard

Email Marketing

Develop and nurture relationships through effective, time-tested email marketing.

Chat Bots

Personalize and automate online communication with interactive, real-time chat bot conversations.


Manage customer relationships and activity with fully-integrated, fully-automated CRM solutions.

Social Media

Drive social engagement, build brand advocacy, and generate targeted leads through social media.

Lead Generation

Optimize and automate the entire lead generation process for your business.

Behavioral Retargeting

Increase ROAS by targeting leads based on how they interact with your online content.

Additional Marketing Automation Features & Services

More Marketing Automation features & services to help your business reach and captivate your target customers.

360° Customer View

Your customers' behaviors, transactions, and CRM data in a single multi-channel view.

User Segmentation

Segment your audience & personalize their experience using fully-automated systems.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimize the lead acquisition, conversion, and retention rates of prospective customers.

Cross-Channel Analytics

Visualize business analytics across a variety of marketing channels in one place.

Systems Integration

Leverage and exchange data between business-critical systems through native and custom integrations.

Custom Dashboards

Quickly and securely access all of your important data with customized, easy-to-read business intelligence dashboards.

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation is the future. It combines the power of software and technology to automate tasks and eliminate reliance on human action. At Invata Global, we want to help clients save time, money, energy, and labor. Your team shouldn’t spend hours tackling tasks that can be easily automated. By turning to marketing automation, you can increase business productivity and secure your bottom line.


We automate critical tasks like email marketing, tracking, advertising, and more. Our experts use advanced tools to develop and execute seamless automatic action. From the timing to the subject matter to the volume, we ensure that everything is systematically and smoothly automated.


If you have a leaky sales funnel, automation will help you nurture prospects and earn maximum conversions. By streamlining, automating, and tracking marketing tasks and workflows, we ensure that our clients reap the benefits of increased operational efficiency and consistent revenue growth.


We’re ready to set up a robust, industry-specific, and smart marketing automation campaign for your business. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our experts. We’ll get a good grasp of your requirements and implement the right techniques accordingly. If you want to find out more about marketing automation in digital marketing, give our team a call today. We serve clients across the US, including Los Angeles, Austin, Phoenix, and San Diego.

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